Gallery Walls

When we moved into our house a few years ago, I quickly realized we didn't own enough art to make the bare walls look complete. Our home didn't feel "lived in," so to speak, for a long time. It really bugged me. We needed to warm things up and make our home feel a little more…homey. I think I once read in Southern Living that a living room will instantly gain a cozy aesthetic when you add 4 things to it: lamps, a (real) plant, family pictures, and a throw blanket. I'm still learning and trying to figure out my family's style, but I did bite the bullet on incorporating family pictures in the avenue of a gallery wall.

What I found is that gallery walls are an affordable way to add art and personality to a home. I like them for 2 main reasons: 

1. They can be as small or large as you prefer, depending on your space. If you have an awkward, long, blank wall, for example, you don't have to search for just the right size or shape art to fit the  space.

2. They enable you to use what you already have. You can hang a hodge podge of things that spark joy to you and BOOM a gallery wall is born.  

I'm not by any means an interior decorator, so I'm hesitant to include a picture of my own gallery wall. It's not perfect. But catching a glimpse of a picture of my kids or husband---God's good gifts to me---as I climb the stairs brings me mucho joy. 

Last year, the professional printing lab I use had a Black Friday sale on prints and canvases. Half price! So, to add different dimensions, I ordered a few 16x20 canvases and several 11x14 and 5x7 prints to frame. 

I like the flexibility of a gallery wall, too. You can hang random pictures you took in the backyard or quotes that are special to you or old baby pictures from the attic. 

I love to see my clients enjoying their family pictures. If you need help deciding how and what to print, I'm happy to help!