My own little lovebugs

Wherever you are, be all there.  –Jim Elliott
BLOG-6419Resize_1I’ll admit: I don’t whip out the d800 every single time my kids do something cute. It’s just not real life. Crazy as it sounds, I used to think my lack of a jillion pictures of my kids = bad mama. How crazystupidinsane is that? As a professional photographer, the temptation is ever-present to wear that snazzy camera around my neck and document every breath my precious babies inhale. But, sometimes, I just want to enjoy the moment. We might have to reenact a few “happy birthday” songs or tee-ball hits or Christmas morning excitement. But I love the watching and soaking that comes from just being there.

Fam Blog1-resizeThis is actually the reason I think professional photography is booming. Quite often I hear from clients that it’s a relief to schedule a few sessions per year (or even just one). For some, it helps shed the “picture stress” that us mamas like to put on ourselves.

BLOG-6453Once every few months or so, I try to grab my camera (not iPhone) and snap a few professional quality pictures of my littles. Nothing grandiose. Just day in, day out stuff. I also try to do a session with them somewhere other than our house.:)

Fam Blog4-resizeBLOG-6459Sam is so funny these days. Four year olds are honest people. A few weeks ago, as he and I were sitting across from each other, I noticed a puzzled and thoughtful look in his eyes. A few seconds later, he noted, “I’m trying to think if your head is small or big. I don’t know.”



BLOG-6477Annie is so fun, too. She’s extremely verbal—like already talking in sentences and counting to ten. I’m thinking it’s a girl thing. She goes very few places without her baby doll, also. Watching her rock, feed, stroll, and spank her babies is hilarious. Little mama.

Fam Blog3-resizeFam Blog-resize Thanks for sticking around and reading my rambling.:)

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Sweet Caroline of 2014!

Hello, friends!

Laundry is caught up, beds are made (what?!), kids are happy, and this morning even lent me a few moments to read! Hey, I should update the ol’ blog! I thought to myself. So, here we are. Coffee in hand. I can hardly believe it.:)

Caroline is graduating from Trinity Presbyterian School this year, and, y’all, she is the cutest thing. I way overuse the word “sweet,” but I genuinely can think of no better adjective to describe her. I already knew she was the bomb (I’ve known her since middle school, when she was in my English class), but she’s become even more precious and lovely. Very much enjoyed our afternoon together snapping pics and catching up!

Have so much fun at Auburn next year, Caroline!

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Hoover’s Caroline of 2014!

Working with Caroline was just blissful!  She is a senior at Hoover High School and hopes to make her way to Auburn next year.:) I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her and her mama—one of my favorite aspects of the photography biz!  We decided to meet in Old Town Helena, and OH! the possibilities were endless.  Such a great location.  Such a beautiful girl!

Thanks, Caroline, for allowing me the pleasure of photographing you!  Have so much fun this year.

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